The Driver of the Month/Year Contest is sponsored by the Wisconsin Council of Safety Supervisors.  Selections are made quarterly and the deadline for submissions for 2017 is November 30, 2017.

2017 First Quarter Drivers of the Month



2016 Fourth Quarter Drivers of the Month

2016 Third Quarter Drivers of the Month

2016 Second Quarter Drivers of the Month

2016 First Quarter Drivers of the Month


Contest Rules:

1. A driver should be nominated for a record of safe and courteous driving. (Please share any community activities, truck driving championship competition, and heroic or exceptional acts)

2. Only drivers employed by WMCA member companies are eligible.

3. All drivers must be domiciled or live in Wisconsin.

4. All drivers must be accident-free for the past year.

5. A copy of the current MVR record must be submitted.

Basis for Recommendation: 

  1. Sponsors Statement
  2. Record of Safe Driving
  3. Truck Driving Championships Participation
  4. Demonstrated Leadership Ability (on or off the job)
  5. Community Activities
  6. Heroic or Exceptional Acts

The more information that is submitted with this form, the easier it is for the committee to make a selection. Thank you.

Driver of the Month/Year Entry Form


  • Please submit details on all non preventable crashes
  • An MVR must accompany this nomination form. Supporting materials, such as copies of awards or testimonials, may be included.

    If you are unable to upload documents from your computer, please fax the MVR and any other documents to (608) 833-2875.
  • Drop files here or