WI Truck Operators Non-Partisan Committee (W-TON)

The Wisconsin Truck Operators Non-Partisan Committee, or W-TON, is the Political Action Committee of our association and the source of the Wisconsin Trucking industry that supports state candidates for public office.

W-TON exists in order to protect and ensure that the Wisconsin trucking industry can make an impact on political campaigns and who takes office in our state. Our team is constantly working with elected officials and regulators to promote and protect our industry’s interest on the state and national level.

We simply cannot have the political voice that we need without an effective vehicle to financially assist those politicians who share our view that:

  • All citizens of Wisconsin are best served by a robust business environment
  • Individuals are held fully accountable to the extent that they cause injury but no more, and are not general insurers
  • Spending is controlled and debt and higher taxes avoided
  • Personal responsibility rather than entitlement is reinforced and
  • Achievement is celebrated, not punished.
  • Help us MOVE THE NEEDLE and reach our 2020 goal of $25,000!

WMCA Government Affairs