Safety Director of the Year Nominations - Yearly

The Wisconsin Safety Management Council Safety Director of the Year Award is presented annually to the motor carrier safety professional whose job qualifications, achievements and ability to design and direct safety programs are deemed most outstanding.  The award is administered by the Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association through its Safety Management Council. The program promotes high standards in the qualifications and performance of those in the motor carrier safety profession.
Any person who is employed by a motor carrier of property for the full time direction of its safety activities is eligible for the Wisconsin Safety Management Council Safety Director of the Year Award. The candidate must be the individual:
· with overall authority for policy decisions and administration of the carrier’s safety program;
· with day-to-day operational safety responsibilities;
· who has devoted his/her career to the field of highway and/or industrial safety for a period of not less than 5 year; and
· Whose title is not necessarily “Director” but who has directed a safety program for at least 3 consecutive years for the same company.
Candidate must be a member of:
· Wisconsin Motor Carrier Association
· Wisconsin Safety Management Council (active member)
Nominations will be reviewed by the Wisconsin Safety Management Council Safety Director Committee, which will include members from law enforcement personnel, government officials, and council members from Allied companies.
The award winner will be honored each year at the Safety Luncheon held during Wisconsin Motor Carrier Association convention.
· Companies safety record, (i.e. CSA Score & Accident Ratio)
· Extra-curricular activities pertaining to the trucking industry
· Community service & other volunteering
· Safety-Specific Education / Continuing Education to enhance career
· Personal & Company Recognition
Tell a story. The judges are seeking applicants who can clearly demonstrate their achievements as a top industry safety professional. They are looking for entries that exhibit successful application of safety policies and programs developed using the knowledge and experience gained through an exemplary career in safety. Demonstrate personal initiatives, safety improvements, training programs and other carrier programs you have been personally involved with that have been beneficial to your program.
It will be helpful to include current frequencies and motor carrier safety management performance to demonstrate how your initiatives relate to your motor carrier performance. Also, highlight any outside activities and organizations in which you are involved that both further the trucking industry or community.