Wisconsin Safety Management Council Membership Signup

The Wisconsin Safety Management Council is a division of the Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association. Council members are the safety and personnel supervisors for regulated for-hire and private motor carriers domiciled in Wisconsin and surrounding states. The Council’s purpose is to provide a forum for the exchange of safety information, to advance safety education and to sponsor safety programs and activities of interest to the industry.


MONTHLY MEETINGS & NEWSLETTERS: The Council holds monthly meetings at which the Council’s business is conducted and guest speakers talk on a variety of topics related to truck safety. These meetings also provide an opportunity for safety professionals to exchange information and share concerns relative to highway safety and the trucking industry. The Council also publishes a monthly newsletter, “Safety Signals”, which contains information on the latest developments in the area of truck safety and regulatory compliance.
SAFETY SUPERVISOR/DIRECTOR DEVELOPMENT SEMINAR SERIES: This seminar series is led by real-world transportation and compliance specialists with the background and knowledge to offer practical solutions and up-to-date information on issues that are important to the transportation safety professional. These seminar leaders are former safety directors, private fleet managers, government officials and truck drivers with years of real-world experience to bring to the table. The series includes seminars on Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, Basic Safety Management, Hazardous Materials Transportation, Risk Management, Driver Retention & Recruitment, Vehicle Maintenance, Cargo Securement, and Driver Development.
WISCONSIN STATE TRUCK DRIVING CHAMPIONSHIPS: This annual event allows Wisconsin drivers to test their knowledge of the industry, driving skill, and overall professional competence. The winners of this competition are eligible to compete in the American Trucking Associations national Driving Championships program. This program has been a great asset in promoting professionalism and safety consciousness among participating drivers and a positive image of our industry with the public.
DRIVER OF THE YEAR/MONTH PROGRAM: This program provides public acknowledgement of Wisconsin’s outstanding professional drivers. Driver nominations are submitted to the Council with selection considered on the basis of length of safe service, outstanding service or acts of heroism, community service and performance of daily duties consistent with the highest standards of the industry. The Wisconsin Driver of the Year is selected from the Driver of the Month award winners.

PRESIDENT’S SAFE DRIVER CLUB: This program, started in 1996 by the Council, awards drivers who have worked for a company for 3 years and have had no accidents on or off duty for 3 years. Drivers are nominated by their companies to receive awards according to how many years they have been members of this exclusive club. Lunches are held to honor these drivers and present their awards

DETERMINE ACCIDENT PREVENTABILITY: Determining the preventability of accidents has been a question that has stood the test of time in the trucking industry. It’s a question that seems to always have two different answers, preventable or non-preventable, depending on who is looking at the accident and reviewing the facts. To clarify the difference between these two answers is why the Wisconsin Council of Safety Supervisors (WCSS) has developed an accident review program. After determining whether or not the accident in question is preventable or not, the driver involved in the accident may still have a question as to the preventability of the accident. Your company, as a membership benefit, has the option to submit the accident for review to the Wisconsin Council of Safety Supervisors. The WCSS consists of safety professionals from across the state that will determine, based on the information submitted, whether the accident is preventable or non-preventable

WISCONSIN MOTOR FLEET SAFETY CONTEST: This competition rewards those carriers with the lowest annual accident rate based on the total fleet miles traveled on Wisconsin’s highways. The Fleet Safety Contest motivates and instills safety consciousness among the employees of the participating carriers.

COOPERATIVE ROAD PATROL: Observations reports are made on drivers’ behaviors and vehicle condition of trucks on Wisconsin’s highways. These reports are written to record both the positive and faulty operations of all trucks observed. The council forwards the reports to the companies involved and requests follow-up information on actions taken.

VEHICLE INSPECTIONS: Periodically, the council visits State Patrol vehicle inspection stations. Council members observe the State Patrol inspectors at work doing vehicle inspections.