President's Safe Driver Club

President’s Safe Driver Club (PSDC)

2020 Major Sponsor

The President’s Safe Driver Club was established in 1996 by the Wisconsin Council of Safety Supervisors as a means to recognize safe professional truck drivers in the State of Wisconsin who work for members of the Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association.

To be eligible for this award, a driver must be a full-time employee or permanent leased operator who lives and drives in Wisconsin, or a full-time employee or permanent leased operator reporting to, or being dispatched from, a terminal within the State of Wisconsin who drives a minimum of 10,000 miles on the public streets or highways of Wisconsin annually.

To be eligible for the first year of membership in the President’s Safe Driver Club, the driver must have 36 continuous months of service with the same employer as of March 31 of the nominating year. In addition, the driver must have no accidents, whether on or off duty during those years and a clean Motor Vehicle Record indicating no traffic citations, whether on or off duty.

The driver must then be nominated for the PSDC membership by a company official. After initial membership has been earned, the driver may accrue additional credits for each consecutive year of safe driving under compliance with these rules.

Lunches are held around the state in February and March to present these awards. There is no fee for a company to nominate drivers or receive awards. The only cost to a company for having drivers in this program is for lunch registration if they chose to participate in the lunches.

This program is sponsored by the Wisconsin Council of Safety Supervisors, the Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association, and Acuity.