President's Safe Driver Club Nominations - Yearly

Please use the form below to enter your drivers and number of years in the President’s Safe Drivers Club.  You may also upload the MVRs to this form.

Be sure to read the rules for eligibility before nominating your drivers.  You must also make sure the MVRs you send are free from any accidents or citations during the nominating year.  Do not assume we will catch any errors on the MVRs you submit.

By nominating your drivers and acknowledging the rules, you are certifying that you have reviewed the MVRs prior to sending them and attest to their accuracy.

Any MVRs sent to the WMCA office that are not carefully reviewed by the nominator may be immediately returned to you for further review and could disqualify all your drivers from the President’s Safe Driver Club.

Do not fax or send nominations forms (and MVRs) through the mail.  Because nominations are being done entirely electronically, the deadline for nominations has been moved back to December 1, 2022 – but the sooner you can get them in, the better. 

If you have any problems with this form, please contact Kim Conradt at