Road Team Nomination Form


1. Nominees must have a current CDL and be employed as a company driver, safety professional or independent owner-operator. (Consideration will be given to retired drivers who have company support.)

2. Nominees must have an outstanding safety record.

3. Nominees should be able to speak convincingly about their commitment to safety and by their appearance, represent the trucking industry’s best. Those selected to the Road Team will receive professional speech training.  An emphasis will be placed on the driver’s ability to speak articulately and enthusiastically about the trucking industry.

4. The nominee, if selected, must be willing to spend up to three days per month traveling and speaking on behalf of the trucking industry. For more information on scheduling, the time commitment, or the program contact Kim Conradt at the WMCA (608) 833-8200 ext 120.

5. The nominating company must be willing to continue to pay salary and provide benefits to the driver while he or she is traveling for the Wisconsin’s Road Team. (In the case of an owner-operator, the company must be willing to pay the driver’s overhead costs plus an additional sum equivalent to his profit per day for each day spent for the WMCA.)

6. Those selected to the Wisconsin’s Road Team will be introduced and recognized at the WMCA Safety Awards Banquet.

7. The nominating company must be a member of the WMCA.



  • To nominate a driver, please fill out the Official Nomination Form below.  If you would like a paper copy of this form, please e-mail Kim Conradt at with your request or CLICK HERE.
  • Emphasis should be placed on why the nominee would be a good representative of Wisconsin’s trucking industry.
  • The person signing the nomination form must be a motor carrier executive with the authority to commit his/her company’s support for the program, as specified above. The nominator should also confirm that the nominated driver is willing to participate in the program.
  • MVR must accompany nomination form and may be mailed or faxed to our office. Supporting materials, such as copies of awards or testimonials, may be included.
  • Nominations must be received by the WMCA no later than January 1st . Please make sure your driver is available for the following date: Selection interviews will be held in Madison, Wisconsin (Date to be announced)

Nominations are due January 1st. Please make sure your driver is available for the: Selection interviews: date to be announced, If you have any questions, please contact Kim Conradt by e-mail to:

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