Seminar Series Project

This seminar series is designed to help safety people in the motor carrier industry know the regulations and how to put them into practice. Once a participant has completed the 5 Basic Seminars and at least one Optional Seminar, the participant can choose to do a project.

5 Basic Seminars:

  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Risk Management
  • Basic Safety Operations
  • Driver Recruitment & Retention

Optional Seminars:

Any seminar given by the Wisconsin Council of Safety Supervisors not listed above

Project Guidance:

– Select a topic from one of the safety seminars and apply it to your company
– Demonstrate how the knowledge gained from the seminar was used to either develop a new program or enhance an existing program
– Share performance metrics as applicable


– Outline of the project should be approved by the Safety Seminar Committee prior to final submission
– Project can be either written or a PowerPoint presentation
– Present best-practices or learnings from the project to the Wisconsin Council of Safety Supervisors (WCSS)

– To assist candidates in the process, WCSS members can be assigned as mentors
– Mentors can assist candidates with topic selection and outlines
– Mentors can also provide general encouragement and support for candidates who appear to be losing momentum towards project completion