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The Waukesha Technical College is seeking equipment donations that would help expand the truck driver-training program at the school.  The current equipment needs for the training program are:

Three tandem axle conventional sleeper units – The school will take any type of transmissions and engines and will add additional seatbelts in the bunks. Tractors need to be used for on the road training and need to be safety inspected.

Trailers – Trailers can be anything from a 40-foot van to a 53-foot van. College would prefer 48-foot trailers if possible. The trailers will not be transporting freight but need to be safe for road use.

The College is currently scheduled to run until Dec 23rd and then resume classes on March 15th for next year.

The college has also set aside two afternoons for employers to recruit students from their first class. These dates are Monday October 4th starting at 1pm and Thursday October 7th at 1pm. Other dates can be arranged if needed based on the college’s schedule.

If you have any questions on these subject feel free to call Mark Huss at the College on his cell phone at (262) 617-6275.

1950 – Ford F7 Tow Truck

Holmes Boom Wrecker Body, Big Flathead V18, Marmon-Harrington 4wd conversion. Excellent advertisement for towing company. $9500.

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