Stop Tolling In Wisconsin!

The Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association recognizes the need for a long-term transportation funding solution and is ready to work with lawmakers and the Administration towards that mutual goal. Highway tolling should not be a part of that solution.

The WMCA believes tolling will create more problems for motorists, tourists, businesses and consumers, regardless if it is done statewide or within a limited portion of the state.

Tolling will also create numerous unintended consequences, such as traffic diversions to secondary routes, inefficiencies in revenue collection, and even the high possibility of fraud and abuse.  Transportation funding is a problem that needs to solved.


Wisconsin motorists currently pay significant state and federal taxes to support state roads and highways. 

Tolling would be a tax on a tax. 

Tolling is a regressive tax that would harm middle to low-income earners the most – many of whom need to drive to and from work each day.

People will be required to pay more simply to go to work.

For decades, the Illinois Toll System has been fraught with scandal, controversy, nepotism, theft and corruption.

Let’s not be like Illinois.

Drivers – including truck drivers – will find alternate routes to avoid toll roads, which will lead to increased traffic and congestion concerns in smaller communities.

Congestion will increase in small communities.

Tolling will increase state government.  Wisconsin will need more resources for staffing, planning, design and construction, accounting, enforcement and collection.

As government expands, liberty contracts.

Tolling is not just limited to the borders of the state.  If implemented, toll booths could be established on any state or federal highway, bridge, and off-ramp.

They. Could. Be. Everywhere.

Most Americans do not support tolling, regardless of party affiliation, income level, gender, race or creed.  It is, and will continue to be, an unpopular funding source.

“I love toll booths!”, said no one – ever.