2018 Safety Banquet

On March 3rd, WMCA hosted the Annual Safety Awards Banquet in Appleton, WI at the Radisson Paper Valley Hotel. At this event we honored the twelve 2017 Driver of the Month and presented our Driver of the Year Award to Patrick Dunlavy, Walmart Transportation. Our speakers of the evening included Scott Mulqueen of Birchwood Transport, Neal Kedzie President of WMCA, J.D. Superintendent WI State Patrol and Mark Oesterle Division Administrator of FMCSA.

We are so proud of Wisconsin drivers’ dedication to highway safety and keeping our roads safe day in and day out. Also a big thank you to our sponsors and for all the attendees who made it out to this event to show their support.

January – Driver of the Year – Patrick Dunlavy, Walmart Transportation & his wife, Cynthia

Patrick (Pat) Dunlavy has driven over 3.8 million miles in his 42 year career without any crashes or citations. Pat has spent the last five years at Wal-Mart Transportation.  He is a great teacher and has been a big success as a Driver Trainer

February – Jason Duffy, Brakebush Transportation – Wife, Tammy

Jason Duffy has driven 17 years without any citations or accidents for  a total of 1.45 million miles. Duffy’s safety record is a clear indicator that he takes the safety of himself, his equipment and everyone he comes in contact with very seriously.

April – Fredrick Hawthorne, JBT Services – Wife, Teresa

Fredrick Hawthorne has been a professional driver for 25 years without a citation or accident over the 2 million miles he has driven. He is involved in his community through his church as a bus ministry coordinator and active in his local habitat for humanity.

May – Jeffery Atkins, Klemm Tank Lines – Wife, Yvonne

Jeffery Atkins has been a professional driver with 2.6 million safe miles driven over his 30 year career. Jeffery handles all situations with respect and does an outstanding job. He is dedicated to God and family and volunteers at his church as an usher and greeter.

June – Michael Wrobleski, Birchwood Transportation – Wife, Mary

Michael Wrobleski has driven 47 years without a crash or citation in his career. He has driven over 6.5 million miles. Mike has taught countless drivers and dispatchers what being a professional is all about.

July –  Larry Bjork, Walmart Transportation – Wife, Lucy

Larry Bjork has accumulated 3.4 million safe miles throughout his 28 year career. Larry was a 5 axle van winner at ’93 WI Truck Driving Championship and even made the final standing that same year at Nationals.

August – Paul Beran, Golden State Foods – Wife, Patty

Throughout Paul Beran’s 33 years career he has driven 2.5 million miles without a single crash or citation. Paul has been driving for Golden State Foods for the last 18 years and while there he has been a model employee who exemplifies the values of their company.

September – Robert Blau,Skinner Transfer Corp – Wife, SueAnn

Bob Blau began his career as a professional truck driver in 1987 and since then driven 3.1 million safe miles. He has been driving for Skinner Transfer Corp since 2009 and was most recently awarded as a million mile driver for the company.

November – Manuel Ortiz – Marten Transport – Wife, Rosa

Manuel Ortiz is a professional driver of 27 years without a single preventable accident on his record. During his three and a half year career at Marten Transport, he has driven over 400,000 safe miles. Manuel has a very positive attitude and considers driving his passion.

December – Scott Sorenson –America’s Service Line – Wife, Sheri      

Scott Sorenson is a professional driver who has driven over 3 million safe miles throughout the Midwest. Before America’s Service Line he worked at Packerland Transport. Scott volunteers with his wife at a Down Syndrome Organization.

Not Pictured:

March – Scott Gleesing, Golden State Foods
Scott Gleesing has been citation and accident free during the 1.25 million miles he has driven throughout his 35 year career. Scott was the winner of Golden State Foods internal Safety Contest.

October – Ralph “Lee” Powell – WEL Companies
Ralph “Lee” Powell is a professional truck driver with over 3 million safe miles driven throughout his 32 year career.  He has been recognized as one of WEL’s Best of the Best Drivers.