2018 First Quarter - Drivers of the Month

January – Christopher Byrne, Fairway Transit Inc.
Christopher Byrne has driven an impressive 1.6 million miles without a crash or citation throughout his 15 year career as a professional truck driver. He has driven all 15 years with Fairway Transit Inc. Chris works very hard to promote a positive image for the trucking industry and represented Fairway Transit in the Special Olympics Convoy. When he is not out on the road Chris enjoys fishing, the serenity of the woods and spending time with family and friends. He lives in Big Bend, Wisconsin.

February – Jeff Siemandel, Skinner Transfer Corp
Jeff Siemandel has gone 27 years as a professional truck driver without a single citation on his record. During this time, Jeff has driven over 2.3 million safe miles. He is very proud of his driving ability and states it is a challenge just to get home safely these days, and his current employer, Skinner Transfer Corp. agrees.  Jeff is the kind of man who is devoted to his church and will help anyone. Last winter he helped a van of elderly people who had slid off the road and rolled over during a snowstorm.  He lives in Reedsburg, WI with his wife Kathy.

March – Randy Kelly, JBS Carriers
Randy Kelly is a professional driver for JBS Carriers and has been driving for more than 20 years. He has been accident and citation free for over 1 million miles. Randy is one of those drivers that makes JBS Carriers proud. He is always courteous, clean, on time and a great example of a hard working truck driver. Randy is an avid fisherman and helped put on a fishing tournament where all the proceeds went towards the prevention of child abuse in St Clair County. He lives with his fiancé, Lori in Port Huron, MI.

From the twelve Drivers of the Month one will be selected the 2018 Driver of the Year. These drivers will be honored at the Annual Safety Awards Banquet which will be held on Saturday, March 2, 2018 at the Chula Vista Resort, Wisconsin Dells. Click here for more information.