October – Bruce Borchardt – Golden State Foods
Bruce Borchardt has been driving for Golden State Foods since their building opened in 1987 and has been a professional driver for 34 years. He has driven 1.7 million career miles with 1.45 million of those miles driven for Golden State Foods. Throughout his career, Bruce has been accident free and has driven in all the lower 48 states. Golden State Foods describes Bruce as a model employee who exemplifies their values. He is a hard working individual who is committed to getting the job done in a safe manner. Bruce is a true professional who has been active and involved with the leadership teams within the DC. He even placed first in Golden State Foods company contest which measures and promotes safe driving this past April. Bruce lives in Whitewater with his wife Tricia.

November – Alex Marin – WEL Companies
Alex Miron has been a professional driver for over 39 years with over 3 million miles professionally driven. He has driven for multiple companies including Foster Farm, Edward Simon Company, D&A Trucking and WEL Companies. Alex has spent the last 12 years with WEL Companies and has driven 1.4 million miles with them. Alex has had zero preventable and non-preventable crashes throughout his career. He has traveled in all 48 states and also in Mexico. His children and wife, Delia, are very proud of him and his career. Alex is known for his generosity and is known as a driver that will get the job done in a timely and professional manner. This year Alex received his 10th Safety award from WEL and is also one of WEL’s All Star Best of the Best Drivers (he has received this honor four times).

December – Roger Schuh –Schneider
For the past 33 years, Roger Schuh has driven over 3 million miles and has had zero accidents. Roger has spent 30 years with Schneider and is a part of the top tier of drivers in the industry. In fact, he has received Schneider’s prestigious 25 years Consecutive Safe Driving Award. In addition to technical and operational analysis, Roger is one of two drivers chosen by Schneider’s engineering team to perform detailed fuel economy testing each summer. Over the years, Roger has been to the Goodyear test track multiple times. Both the summer and track testing results drive the decisions that make millions of dollars in purchases. Roger is continually chosen for this important position not only for his driving skill, but also for his well-rounded knowledge. Roger is a good guy, both in and out of the cab. In his free time he volunteers at his church and spends time with his wife Doreen.

From the twelve Drivers of the Month for 2016 will be selected the 2016 Driver of the Year. These drivers will be honored at the Annual Safety Awards Banquet which will be held on Saturday, February 25, 2017 at the Hotel Mead, Wisconsin Rapids. Click here for more information.